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Industrial Slideway lubricants by Gulf Oil Ireland

The Slideway Lubricants section of the Industrial category covers equipment and machinery used in machine shops and the toolmaking industry. This covers machinery including; lathes, milling machines, CNC machines, shapers and grinders.

The Gulf Way range consists of superior slideway oils, specially developed to offer protection against degradation and corrosion, while meeting the requirements of modern high-production machine tool slideways.

Produced from high-quality base stocks and carefully-selected additives, Gulf Slideway oils have excellent anti-wear capabilities, low frictional properties, adhesiveness, filterability and water-separating capabilities.

To purchase any of our lubricants, fluids or cleaning products, please visit your local Gulf Oil service station, contact us on 1800 4853 645 or by emailing for details of your nearest stockist.

Gulf Way 68 [Ref:4108]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Way 150 [Ref:4110]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Way 220 [Ref:4111]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Way is a superior quality lubricant developed for modern high production machine tool slideways. It is formulated from high quality base stocks and select additives to provide excellent anti-wear and EP characteristics, low frictional properties, adhesiveness filterability and water separating capabilities. This oil offers superior protection against oil degradation and corrosion of machine tool surfaces even in presence of aqueous cutting fluids, and is developed to reduce the "stick-slip" problems with slow moving and heavily loaded machine tool slides.

  • Reduces chatter and stick-slip of slides and ways
  • Ready separation from soluble cutting fluids
  • Superior metal wetting properties and adhesiveness
  • Easy circulation through filters
  • Excellent anti-wear performance
  • Effective rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Keeps sliding surfaces clean and resists oil degradation

Slides and ways of lathes, shapers, grinders and milling machines.
Gulf Way 68 is suitable for horizontal slides and ways on small to medium size machine tools.
Gulf Way 220 is recommended for large machines, and also for vertical and inclined slides and ways.
See datasheet for details.