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Industrial Refrigeration Oils by Gulf Oil Ireland

The Refrigeration Oils section of the Industrial category covers all types of equipment and machinery used in manufacturing and processing plants. This covers machinery including; pumping and circulation systems, refrigeration systems, heating and cooling systems.

Our range of Refrigeration Oil products include;

  • Synthetic ashless compressor oils
  • High performance naphthenic refrigeration compressor oil
  • Synthetic alkyl-benzene based refrigeration compressor oil

Gulf's Refrigeration Oil products are a range of mineral and fully-synthetic fluids for use in refrigeration compressors, such as those in air conditioners and both commercial and domestic refrigerators. Formulated with specially-selected base oils and additives, it’s specially designed to meet the stringent requirements of major refrigeration compressor manufacturers. The oils improve heat transfer and improve oil life, resulting in improved equipment reliability and efficiency.

To purchase any of our lubricants, fluids or cleaning products, please visit your local Gulf Oil service station, contact us on 1800 4853 645 or by emailing for details of your nearest stockist.

Gulf Fidelity PA 32 [Ref:4806]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity PA 46 [Ref:4807]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity PA 68 [Ref:4808]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity PA 100 [Ref:4809]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Fidelity PA is an advanced fully synthetic ashless air compressor lubricant developed for use in rotary compressors of screw or vane design, reciprocating compressors and centrifugal compressors. The synthetic Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids in combination with advanced additive technology provide effective lubrication of equipment working in extreme temperatures and severe operating conditions. These oils are specially designed to provide excellent thermo-oxidative stability and wear protection.

  • Excellent anti-wear protection
  • Low varnish and carbon forming
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Minimises oil filter blockage in wet conditions
  • Low oil consumption and reduced top-up rates
  • Very good anti-foaming and air release properties
  • Superior demulsibility
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with mineral lubricants, seals and paints

Single or multiple stage rotary screw or vane, centrifugal compressors and reciprocating compressors, including Hydrovane, Atlas Copco, Compare, and Worthington. Compressors used in mobile and stationary applications. See datasheet for details.

Gulf Eskimo 68 [Ref:4908]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Eskimo is a high performance naphthenic refrigeration compressor oil developed for refrigeration systems using non-hydroflurocarbon refrigerants. It is formulated with severely hydro treated naphthenic base oils to provide excellent protection against oxidation degradation, rust & corrosion and foaming & entrained air.

  • Controls deposits in evaporator tubes
  • Improves heat transfer
  • Improves oil life
  • Free from additives and pour point depressants
  • Low pour point and floc point
  • Low ash and carbon forming tendency
  • Good wear and rust protection
  • Compatible with refrigeration system materials

Large Industrial reciprocating and rotary refrigeration compressors.
Suitable for use with most non-hydroflourocarbon refrigerant gases.
Suitable for compressors of Carrier, Copeland, Kelvinator, Sabroe, Tecumseh
Marine refrigeration, food freezing and cold storage plants.
Circulating oil systems, plain and rolling element bearings, etc.
NOTE : These oils are NOT recommended for use with HFC refrigerants.
See datasheet for details.

Gulf Eskimo AB 68 [Ref:4928]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Eskimo AB 68 is a premium quality fully synthetic, alkyl-benzene based refrigeration compressor lubricating oil for refrigerator air-conditioning compressors. It is formulated with selected naphtenic base oils to have very low pour and floc points, which helps to prevent wax precipitation that may block valves & heat transfer surfaces.

  • Very low pour & floc points
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Prevents gum, varnish and sludge deposits
  • Resists foaming

Recommended for use in open-, semi-open and hermetic closed compressors in domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Screw and reciprocating compressors. Suitable for use with halogenated refrigerants (CFC, HCFC). Suitable for use with hydrocarbon (e.g. R600a) and R402A / B refrigerants .
Suited for use in a wide range of fluorocarbon refrigerants
NOT suited for use in systems containing hydro-fluorocarbon refrigerants.
See datasheet for details.