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Industrial Mould Release Oils by Gulf Oil Ireland

The Mould Release Oils section of the Industrial category covers all types of equipment and machinery used in –-------------------------. This covers machinery including; ------------------

Our range of Mould Release Oil products include;

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Gulf Form Oil M10 [Ref:9007]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Form Oil M68 [Ref:9008]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Form Oil M10 and 68 are concrete mould oils for the construction of houses, buildings, subways and bridges. This mould oil is based on high-grade refined base oils and a suitable solvent, containing non-toxic surface-active compounds and together with the bleeding water from the concrete, it provides a low interfacial surface tension, which gives a smooth surface finish. Gulf Form Oil M Oils are ready to use, and should be applied as thin as possible on the surface.

  • Enables easy removal from the moulds without damaging the concrete
  • A good rust protection of the steel moulds under normal conditions
  • Good release characteristics
  • No discolouring of the concrete-surface
  • Can be used where limited heated moulds are adapted

Gulf Form M10 is recommended for steel and wooden coated moulds Gulf Form M68 is mainly recommended for steel moulds. Apply a thin layer by brush, spray or swab. Remove any overspill.