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Industrial Heat Transfer Oils by Gulf Oil Ireland

The Heat Transfer Oils section of the Industrial category covers all types of equipment and machinery used in manufacturing and processing plants. This covers machinery including; heating and cooling systems,

Our range of Heat Transfer Oil products include;

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Gulftherm 32 [Ref:9806]Technical Data Sheet

Gulftherm 46 [Ref:9807]Technical Data Sheet

Gulf Therm is a premium quality heat transfer oil intended for use in closed indirect heating systems. It is formulated from highly refined base stocks to provide excellent oxidation stability and resistance against thermal cracking. It has high specific heat and thermal conductivity to provide more rapid heat dissipation and its ability to flow rapidly at low temperatures ensures quick circulation at start-up and reduced risk of local over-heating.

  • Minimises deposit formation and viscosity increase
  • Resistance to thermal cracking and decomposition
  • Maximum bulk oil temperature of 315°C
  • Rapid heat dissipation
  • Superior low temperature fluidity
  • Non-corrosive to metals
  • Non-toxic, easy disposal

Closed, indirect heating and cooling systems equipped with expansion tanks in all kinds of industrial processes up to 315°C. Open heating systems up to 180°C. See datasheet for details.