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Gulf Fuel Distributors in Ireland

Ever since their discovery of the world's frst high volume oil well in 1901 at Spindletop, Texas, USA, Gulf Oil has been supplying high quality fuels around the world for motoring and industry.

Today, Gulf Oil continues to provide the same quality and service at competitive prices, through it's growing family of independently operated fuel distributors nationwide across Ireland, and the world.

The main markets for Gulf Oil fuel distributors are the agricultural sector and domestic home heating customers, but they also supply and deliver fuels to commercial premises, retail units, local authorities, schools, buying groups, industry and manufacturing plants.

Fuels are supplied from approved sources, are traceable and monitored for quality standards so our customers can feel assured by the Gulf brand. Approved fuels are supplied from strategically placed refineries and storage facilities located around Ireland for security of supply and a streamlined supply chain.

Gulf Oil fuel distributors can supply:-

  • Home Heating Oil - Kerosene and Marked Gas Oil
  • Agricultural Fuels - Marked Gas Oil / Green Diesel / Tractor Diesel
  • Commercial Oils - Road Diesel (DERV), Marine Diesel and Unleaded Petrol

Gulf Oil fuel distributors are knowledgeable, careful drivers, and provide a prompt and reliable service. They can supply large or small deliveries the same day, which can be ordered on-line or by telephone.

Other Gulf Oil Fuel Distributor services include:-

  • Budget Plans
  • Industrial Deliveries 24/7
  • Fuel Cards
  • Oil Storage Tanks
  • Lubricants, Oils and Grease products
  • Online Instant Quotes